We support and work with these local organizations

Pedal Forward: Pedal Forward is the ONLY non-profit bike shop on the south side of Atlanta. We know that bikes are the way we were going to connect with these kids but, we want to give them other experiences outside of learning about bikes! Each week through the summer we will provide other experiences for these kids. https://www.pedalforwardhgvl.org

Coweta Pregnancy Services: CPS  is a non-profit, Christian-based organization serving women and men of all ages, who are unprepared for pregnancy.  We aspire to bring hope and truth and healing found in Jesus Christ. https://coweta-ps.org/

Just1: Just1 is a community that brings tangible hope and restoration to those trapped in bondage. We fight for the one – because just one is worth fighting for. https://www.just1.org/