Life is better when you follow Jesus

The Journey is our discipleship path at Forward Church. The Journey is designed to help you and your family become whole through God’s love, establish your heart in his transformative grace and equip you in the ministry of reconciliation. You are free to take these steps at your own pace. As you scroll you’ll see our online courses, our life groups, study resources, a Bible reading plan and a few more things. We want to empower and equip you to confidently follow Jesus from your heart.

We will not use people to build an organization, we use the organization to build people.
— Pastor Clint Byars
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Find out what we're about. We do not have a formal membership role but this online course will help you understand who we are and how we're fulfilling God’s assignment for Forward Church.



Our Life Groups are the backbone of community at Forward. We don't burden you with church activities and programs, so if you're not connected with a Life Group you're missing out on a large part of ministry available at Forward. As a believer you need community, check out a Life Group this week.


ESTABLISH YOUR HEART IN GRACE and the Gospel with these books

We focus on the finished work of Jesus Christ as the foundation of our theology. Since Jesus is the exact representation of the invisible God, we seek to know God through Christ and all that he accomplished in his sinless life, sacrificial death, burial and resurrection.

These two books serve as an excellent foundation as you become rooted and grounded in the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Also available in the Forward Church Bookstore.


DISCIPLESHIP is application

The Biblical author James admonishes us to be doers of the word and not hearers only. We fully expect you to live a life disciplined by the teachings of the Bible. We will always point you to your identity in Christ and encourage you to live under God's influence so you are transformed and move forward in every area of life.

Our sermons are designed to be practically applied rather than just heard. Each week we will facilitate a moment of meditation to engage your heart with the Word of God and we will give you insights that can be applied in your every day life.


Find a Place to Serve

We don’t need you to “catch our vision,” we want you to get your own vision and follow the calling of Jesus on your life. That may mean you get involved with one of our established ministries or that may mean you start something. We invite you to share what’s on your heart with out leadership, if we can support your idea we’ll work together to help you fulfill your call.


DISCIPLESHIP Courses and Resources

You don't need to "grow spiritually," you need to renew your mind and put on your eternal identity in Christ. 

God ordained The church to make disciples. A disciple is someone who applies the teachings of his mentor, boss, leader, master or lord. Jesus is all of those for us. In addition to engaging in our church community and living a life of service toward others, we offer courses to help you establish your heart in grace as you follow Jesus.


Read the Bible

We are not Christians because we believe the Bible, we’re children of God because we have believed on the resurrection of Jesus and his completed sacrificial work for us. The Bible is a collection of historical records, stories, poems and sermons that all point us to Jesus. Bible reading and study is important because it’s a tool to help us renew our minds to our new creation identity in Christ.

Bible reading should be done from a New Covenant perspective, meaning we should understand that the Mosaic Covenant (Old Covenant) was fulfilled by Jesus and we are no longer subject to its requirements for righteousness. The New Covenant is secured for us by the death and resurrection of Jesus and our trust in him as our righteousness. From this lens we understand how the doctrines of the Bible apply to us.

We recommend using a resource like The Bible Project to guide you through the Bible. TBP has lots of great resources, we recommend two as part of your discipleship journey at Forward Church; How to Read the Bible and Read Through the Bible in a Year.


Christian Education

If you’d like to go deeper, we recommend these schools. IISOM and Charis are ministry equipping programs while Western Seminary provides more formal education. Whether you’re called to the ministry or just want to go deeper, these are great resources. Email us for guidance if you’re considering attending seminary or ministry school.



Once you’ve put roots down and taken the first steps, we encourage you to steward your freedom at Forward well. We will not tell you what we need you to do for us, we want to help you discover your call. We will equip you to grow into the influencer God has called you to be in whatever arena of life that may be, whether that be in your family, at your workplace or in day-to-day life. We encourage all members to serve but we want you to serve in your area of passion or calling.


We will not use you to build our organization, we will use our organization to build you up in your new creation identity in christ.