When you know God’s love for you, you will allow his Grace to transform you.
— Pastor Clint Byars

VISION: Change the way you see God. We want to help you see God through Jesus and establish a New Covenant perspective on all matters of faith and life.

MISSION: Bring people to wholeness through God’s love and establish hearts in grace.

When you trust God, your heart opens to his influence and his transformative GRACE. We want to help you become whole through GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU and equip you to reach others compelled by this love.

We will help you establish your heart in the finished work of Jesus Christ as you develop a new creation identity. This New Covenant identity will empower you to experience the abundant life Jesus offers and equip you to walk in the ministry of reconciliation toward others.

We want you to know that God is not mad at you, that he deeply loves you like a child. Personally experiencing his love will make you whole and root your heart in his grace which is his transformative power. We want to empower you to experience his transformative grace in your heart by teaching you to yield to his inner influence. When you do so, you will move forward in every area of life.

We don’t need you to serve our vision, we want to help you discover yours. We will use our organization to build you rather than use you to build our organization.