Discipleship is fulfilled as you TRUST GOD and LOVE PEOPLE

Forward Church is committed to providing you with resources that empower transformation in your personal walk with Jesus. We are also committed to equipping you in the ministry of reconciliation so you will represent God well to those who need to hear the Gospel and experience His love that brings wholeness. 

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A disciple is someone who has moved beyond simply believing on Jesus for salvation and has begun to discipline their life to follow the teachings of Jesus. Jesus is our savior but he is also our Lord. This course will ground you in the basics of being a disciple of Jesus. We cover Assurance of Salvation, Mind Renewal, New Covenant Identity, Relationship with God and Victorious Living. This is a free online course.



The body of Christ is commanded to walk in love toward one another but that takes developing good communication and conflict resolution skills. This course utilizes the DiSC profile as the foundation for understanding ourselves and how to better communicate with others. This course is offered periodically at Forward Church throughout the year.


How to study the bible INTROduction

The Bible is largely a collection of letters, poems and historical records that tell a unified story that leads to Jesus. There are multiple writing styles to understand and two original languages to interpret and there are millions of study resources available. This course will help you understand the validity of the Bible and how to study it from a contextual yet personal position. This course is offered periodically at Forward Church throughout the year.



In Hebrews 6 the Apostle Paul says there are 6 elementary doctrines of Christ; repentance from dead works, faith toward God, baptisms, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. This course will help you stand on a firm foundation of these integral principles. This course is offered periodically at Forward Church throughout the year.


Discipleship Courses in development

  • Grace vs Law: Understanding the New Covenant Through the Old Covenant Sacrificial System
  • New Creation Identity: Our Joint-Inheritance with Jesus and the Authority of the Believer
  • Purpose, Passion & Calling: Understanding the Difference and Make a Plan to Fulfill All 3
  • Living Forward: Taking Steps Toward the Desires of Your Heart
  • Grace and the Supernatural: Prayer, Gifts of the Spirit and Offices of Administration
  • Books of the Bible