Mission and Vision

Vision and Mission 2019

We are committed to changing the way people see God, that’s the big picture vision for us. We don’t have some private interpretation we want people to believe, we just want to help people look at Jesus to understand God. The way we help people change how they see God is by helping them establish a new covenant lens in matters of life and faith. The new covenant must be the foundation of our doctrine. The resurrection of Jesus Christ and what that means for the believer is so simple yet it is still misunderstood at large in today’s church.

This is why Forward exists, to help people understand God through Jesus, become established in his love and allow his grace to transform them. Grace is God’s divine influence in our hearts that will shape every aspect of our lives for the better if we will let him. And we let him by renewing our minds to our new creation identity in Christ. As we get our minds in alignment with our new spiritual identity, it will shape our earthly existence.