9:30am and 11:00am Beginning April 7th, 2019

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We’re Growing!!

We are growing because people are seeking out churches all over the world that focus on the Gospel. We are excited to Change the Way People See God, so every belief is filtered through the finished work of Jesus. Jesus is the clearest expression of God the world has ever seen, we want to make sure people understand God through Christ and His love for them.

To truly understand God, His heart toward us and His will for us, we must look at how Jesus represented God. In Christ we see that God is willing to lay it all on the line to make a way for each and every human to have the opportunity to receive forgiveness and become a child in His eternal family. What a savior!

Because people are hungry for the unfiltered Gospel, we are seeing more and more people show up at Forward. Due to our growth we are going to offer 2 Sunday morning services.

9:30am Gathering

Our first gathering will run between 45 minutes to an hour. Worship will last around 15 minutes and the teaching will be around 35 minutes. We will offer two options for Kids Church; Nursery, for infants through potty trained age and another class that will include toddlers through 5th grade. We will have multiple teachers in this older class to make sure the lesson is age appropriate. Pastor Courtney will not meet with the Youth Group during this gathering.

11:00am Gathering

The 11:00am gathering will feel the same as our current one, it’ll run about an hour and a half. Worship is more free flowing in this gathering, with room for spontaneous prayer and gifts in action. We always have a brief meditative time after worship to allow God to minister to us. This is always a powerful time to wait on God and be nurtured in His grace. Pastor Courtney will meet with the Youth Group on the 2nd and 4th Sunday during this gathering.

Invite Someone

We know you are excited about the growth!! The Gospel message, coupled with this heart transformational journey is truly powerful. Many of you have seen the fruit in your own lives when you learn to connect to the inner presence of God and allow His grace to influence you. We want to help you minister to your friends and family, bring them! We promise we will welcome them warmly and only point them to Jesus. Let’s keep moving the Gospel forward together!!