You Get to Prepare the Way for People to Encounter Christ


I set out a challenge in my message this weekend. The challenge is to see yourself as one of the disciples Jesus sent out to the cities he planned to visit. 

The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them on ahead in pairs to all the towns and villages he planned to visit.
— Luke 10:1

Look at it this way, Jesus is planning on visiting people in your town, at your job and even in your own home, have you prepared the way for him to encounter those people? What if God needs you to pray for someone or show an act of kindness as the preparation he needs to reach that person? Ultimately people are responsible for their own journey of faith but we just might be able to intervene under God's direction and turn their hearts toward him sooner rather than later.

Most folks wake up and head out the door thinking only about themselves. We're burdened with debt, we don't feel good because we've let our health slip, we are worried about various issues and we unfortunately let those cares of this world overcharge our hearts and keep us from being aware of God's voice to be a light in the world.

I don't want to create a sense of guilt or shame for not sharing your faith, I just want to remind you that people around you need to hear the Gospel. There are plenty of people out there that have not heard the simple Gospel, the good news that God loves them no matter what.

It's Christianity 101 but when's the last time you shared your faith with someone or prayed for someone you felt needed it? We're not in the business of competing to have the most outrageous testimony, we're in the business of being a light in our community and spreading the love of God in simple and down to earth ways.

When you head out your door this week, remind yourself that Jesus is on the move and you may be the one to prepare someone to encounter him this week!


  1. Are you able to connect with the idea of being sent out by Jesus to prepare the way for him to encounter people?

  2. Do you feel qualified to communicate the Gospel to someone?

  3. Do you feel qualified to pray for someone?

  4. What's the main issue that keeps you from praying for someone?